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Why I start blogging

The Internet is crowded with people. That’s not to say that data centers are filling up or available URLs are running out, literally when I tried to use as my domain, one unknown stranger named Larry Lau has stolen it already.

But the reason for me to join this platform isn't because I wanted fill up the remaining gap space, it's because I recently have gone through quite a few important decisions that I want to share with all of you or perhaps open my gate to let you guys into my life.

So what are the decisions?

1. My rabbit HUNTER

For most of you who know me as Larry Lau, the real and only Larry Lau, you know that I own a rabbit. Having a house rabbit playing around your bed, your living room, pooping everywhere are lovely, haha. But through these months for me to take of Hunter, I realised that most of the rabbit owners or experienced rabbit owners, they don't know what a rabbit needs. For example, cages, containers.Let me ask you a question, will you live in a NANO house? I bet you won't, then why people love to put their rabbits in cages. My Hunter is a free ranged and educated, I won't say trained, chubby bunny. He's healthy and he lives it up. So in the future, I'll show you how to make your rabbit feel happy.

This is my adorable HUNTER in a rabbit Hotel :

2. My decision to study OVERSEAS

So recently I've been struggling to choose between a degree programme in HK, a degree programme in UK or a foundation year in UK as well. Again for most of friends, they know that I want to study LLB so so so so badly because I want to be a BAR, a barrister not bartender though. But I've made my mind, so I will tell you all in next blog about what I chose, the reasons and my future.

3. I always want to blog and vlog

Blogging and vlogging are always my dreams. I'm a very talkative person and I love to share everything about me from head to toe. I'm also a very presentable person and I can say I am a bit talented. So why not start a blog and tell everyone your studying experience, your travelling experience and so on, haha.

The Future of this blog

So join me along the way as I hardly can find myself being a well-functioning human and enjoy the FUN of my blog : this is Larry Lau and here I am.


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