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The DNA report was sent to me on 19th March 2020. There were so many surprising and interesting facts, such as my ancestry. So without further ado, let's have a look at it.

The report unravelled many enigmas of Larry Lau. I was convinced to believe I was a pure-blood Chinese since I took my first breath. However, this revolutionising fact about my genetic heritage composition not only including 18.42% Japanese and Korean, it also contains 1.21% Vietnamese and 0.01% Filipino. The Japanese and Korean gene indicates that one of my grandparents or grand grandparents must be pure blood Japanese or Korean, or else Chinese-Korean, one of the 56 minorities currently living in China. However, I have no clue about my southeast Asian gene.

The report also warned me to protect my Achilles tendon in the best way I can as I have a very high chance of hurting that tendon. Despite such a fact, the report insisted that I should play football, basketball and table tennis. It claimed that they are the most suitable exercise for me, though, I don't know how to play any one of them.

Some people know that I've been taking various supplements for years. But one surprising and shocking thing that I found in this report is that I lacked Iodine, omega-3 (DHA, ALA) and vitamin B6, B12 and D. No wonder I look like a dementia patient.

I have very high sensitivity in alcohol, carbs, fats and salt, so the report recommended that I should have a Mediterranean Diet. For those with both carbohydrate and fat sensitivity, a Mediterranean diet is ideal. Choosing healthy fats and less processed carbs is proven to reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and other health conditions.

The Vital CircleDNA kit does allow me to know more about myself and raise my awareness of health in general. Detailed Report review will be posted on Youtube Channel, COSMOS Creators in the following weeks. STAY TUNED and I'll see you all in there!


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