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What Should You Feed Your Bunny?

As we all know that rabbits are herbivores, they never ever eat meats. So, a bunny's diet is very simple, you only need hay and veggies. However, there are a few things you need to be careful about, and here's a list of everything.

1. Never give your rabbit too many fruits

Hunter loves watermelon, bananas, apples and pears. He will rush to us when he sees fruits on our hands. But, we have to be careful about the proportion because rabbits ain't suitable to consume a high quantity of sweets. Most of the time, I'll give hunter either 3 tablespoons of banana or less than a quarter of an apple. Too many fruits in your bunny's diet is just going to make your rabbit a chubby bunny and it will cause a lot of health issues.

2. Don't just give them a single type of hay

Rabbit diets are plain, either a bunch of hay or hay with veggies. Rabbit owners have to be creative on their diets and the simplest way is to give them mixed types of hay. Using Hunter as an example, I usually give him a mixture of alfalfa, timothy, botanical, oat and his favourite, Italian black oat. Different brands of the same type of hay can have a different taste and texture as well. For example, Oxbow Timothy is soft while Wooly Virgin Timothy is a bit crunchier. Therefore, you may give your bunny different choices and see what he/she likes the most.

3. Try to give them mixed veggies

How will you feel if you are eating lettuce every day? If you feel bored, then your rabbit must be having the same feeling. Introducing different kinds of veggies to your rabbit can make them happy and satisfied. You can either buy a mixed veggie salad in the supermarket or make it yourself. Also, you may try to add some herbs into their diets, such as mint and parsley. But, always always remember to check their poops every day to see if there are any signs of worms or sth weird. I will write a blog on how to deal with roundworms in rabbits later.

4. Give them treats

Treats can either be a fruit or a bunny cookie. For me, I will give Hunter the Oxbow's Organic Barley Biscuits every day. He's very very happy with this arrangement. Every time he hears the sound of the cookie bag, he will do a binky and run to me as fast as he can. If you want to know more about what treats you should give to your rabbit, you may check out my blog the Top 5 Rabbit Snacks.

5. Add some rabbit supplements to their diets

Supplements can always be helpful to older rabbits, especially to those who have skin, coat, digestive tracts problems. There are so many types of supplements, either in a biscuit form like Oxbow Health or a pill form like Wooly. Most of the time, rabbits hate taking drugs and papaya pills, so it's better to introduce them the Oxbow Animal Health Natural Science Series, it's a supplement in the form of biscuits. Before you give any supplements to your rabbit, always consult a certified vet first.

To all rabbit owners, always remember to introduce new hays or veggies slowly and stop immediately if your rabbit has negative responses.


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