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Experiencing the Capsule Hotel

When you booked an early flight, and the traffic to the airport is closed during the early morning. It is a good idea to stay at the airport the night before the trip. With a limited budget and travelling alone, on my journey from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, I've decided to give a try in a capsule hotel in the KLIA2 airport.

The hotel is on level 1 of the terminal. You do not need to get an air ticket nor prepare for security checks to enter this area. The things you need to make is the passport and confirmation document of your booking.

After checking in, the receptionist gave me a bag containing a bottle of water and a towel for a shower. She also provided me with key cards and key for luggage storage and access to the capsule hotel.

The luggage storage space is just right to put my luggage, and the bottom locker provides a pair of sandals to change to enter the living area.

The hotel is divided into four zones, which some zones restricted male from entering in.

There is a chilling area where you can relax and grab a book to read.

There are four different types of the capsule, for single (female and mixed), couple or a group of three. Since I travel alone, I stay in a single mixed capsule.

The capsule is more spacious than I thought. It's small but complete, you can make the basic living there. Which includes morning call service, light and air conditioning control, charge your electronic devices and most importantly, free WIFI!!

There is a dressing table inserted into the wall.

Although the design and the facilities of the capsule are excellent, the sleeping experience is just up to standard. In a single person room, there is only a curtain to divide the public area and the sleeping place.

You may feel insecure because you cannot actually lock the curtain, and people outside can enter your room while you were sleeping. In addition to this, the air conditioning is connected to the room behind you, when the person behind your room speaks, you can hear the person's voice.

Despite feeling insecure and noisy, the overall experience is still above my expectation. There are CCTVs all around the public area, and you can lock your personal belongings in the locker. Furthermore, you can bring an earplug for sleeping. The concerns can be solved.

It's a fresh experience for me, and I hope to stay in a similar capsule hotel again.


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