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What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger

As an English Debater for almost four years now, I barely lose a competition. However, I did get beaten up my opponents for three times only. I was frustrated but what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

As a debater and a team captain, winning the competition was my first priority. Because we joined the competitions for those trophies, not for chitchatting with our opponents or getting our ass beaten up. Every competition is an opportunity for you to learn and to win. But there's no shoo-in or sure-win. Everyone who joins the debating contest will lose someday. You cannot expect someone to win forever.

1. I lost because I didn't prepare enough

This was my first beaten-up ever since I joined the team. At that time, I was just a silly and uncontrollable debater who just worked on his instinct and talent (I can say). That was an interschool competition and my opponents came from a girls school. I don't remember what was the motion. But that time, I was beaten up by my ego and immaturity. So, I learnt a lesson and started to polish my fake sincerity after that.

2. I lost because of my emotions and teammates

This was my second time losing a competition and this was the most regrettable and sad and angry and unfair and ...... and disgusting beaten-up I ever had. Honestly, before the final of this competition, I was fearless, I was invincible. I got every best debater from every round that I competed in. IDK, that day was perfect until a female adjudicator with serious facial deformity announced the result on stage to over 2000 audiences in the stadium. After the final, I watched the competition recording and I reviewed my performance from head to toe. Then I knew why I was beaten-up. Honestly, our opponents were weak to a point that I can say they were pathetic. But I lost because I couldn't control my anger towards my teammates on stage. I didn't do anything dramatic, though I might have done something to make him become extremely nervous and he panicked.

3. I lost because my opponents were strong

Every debater at some point of his/her debating career will face some opponents who have better and advanced skills and techniques than you do. No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better. So, just prepare yourself to face this situation. And if you do lose as I did, then just learn from it and you will beat up his/her ass someday in the coming future.


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