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It's the LAST DAY

Up til now, I still can't believe that my secondary school life has ended within a blink of my eyes. These six years in CSK frankly is the most rewarding and funny moments of my life. I'm sad to say GOODBYE.

In these six years, I've been through a lot of things, such as President of the Hong Kong Lasallian Youth Movement, Vice-President of the SA, Debating team captain, etc. My ECA life here was packed with joy and happiness. I've never regretted on spending so much time to devote myself to school works.

When I first got into CSK, I was nothing but a wimpy kid. Fortunately, I was a lucky boy and I worked hard to gain recognition. I spent so much time and energy completing my duties in the Lasallian Youth Movement and other ECA clubs that I was completely exhausted. But I never regretted my involvement. Why? Because I benefitted a lot. I learnt new things such as managing different resources, organizing certain events properly, communicating with others with manners and politeness, and most importantly, representing our school with pride.

I have always been one of the best in Chinese and English since I entered this school, but I never expected to be invited to join either the Chinese Debate Team or the English Debate Team. At first, I thought debating was a boring thing and it was too hard for someone like me to do, but the fact is, it is exciting and is something that I am actually good at. My coach, Miss Lee, saw my potential and ability in debating, so she invited me to be a member of the team. She is a very strict coach who always pushes us to our limits and also gives us the tremendous support and opportunities that we are looking for. I love debating now and I think I will keep debating until the day I leave this world.

In my first year, there was around 40 clubs and societies. Our school owned a very diverse ECA for our students' personal development. However, six years later, we only have around 15 left. I don't know, probably it's a good decision, probably it isn't. Choosing between academics and ECA is always a tough decision to make. Though, I truly wish our school can someday regain diversity again.

Looking back on these few years, I really regret not doing more and trying as much as I could when I had the chance. I was too stupid and lazy in the past but now I'm completely a new person. The end of my secondary school life has finally come, I cannot do much but only to say goodbye and make sure I'll remember everything about CSK even when I might have dementia in my twilight years. I really wish I could have done much more in my secondary school, to try to develop as much as I could, explore as far as I could because this is the only place where you can talk about your dream and have countless opportunities.


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