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Top 5 Regrets within My Secondary School

There is no doubt that secondary school life is one of the most important parts of your life. Basically, no matter howmany times you repeating your form 3 year or transferring from one school to another, secondary school or college is the only place where you can talk about dreams and fantasies. But I believe everyone will have regrets in certain moments of their lives and here's top 5 regrets of me in secondary school.

1. Regret to choose PHYSICS

When I'm writing this regret blog, the first thing that popped in my head is regret to choose physics as one of my electives. When I was choosing my electives in form 3, I used my final exam scores to prioritise my choices. At that time, I remember I did very well in Biology and Chemistry, so no doubt they were my first and second choice. When it came to the third choice, I was totally misled by hallucinations. I think I got twenty-something out of thirty in the Lightwave exam and I thought physics was quite easy at that time, so I picked physics as my third elective but not economics which was approximately the same performance as physics. Anyway, this wrong decision traumatised my form 4 and form 5 exams and now I believe I have already messed up my DSE.

2. Regret to choose M2

M2 was torturing, luckily I dropped out of it. For those of you who ain't Hong Kong students, M2 and M1 are extended parts of Maths core modules which in other words, NOT FOR WEAK AND PATHETIC MATHS STUDENTS LIKE ME. I chose M2 based on my curiosity. It didn't end up as what I expected it would be. It's a lot harder than I thought. I couldn't understand the modules and yeah I dropped it during my form 5 summer. But the trama that M2 has given me last forever. Up til now, every time I see the calculations and maths, I'll have a headache.

3. Regret not to join the Form 5 and Form 6 Singing Contest

I was the 2nd-runner-up in my Form 4 Singing Contest. My song was All of Me by John Legend. Honestly, I had never thought of getting any awards in the contest at that time, but, yeah, I was the third. However, I haven't been to any school singing contests ever since because I travelled to Tokyo in Form 5 and I returned to Shanghai see my grandpa in Form 6. I definitely regretted not to join this amazing singing contest. But now, I just can wish someday I'll be able to join a singing contest in uni.

4. Regret not to join the English Debating in Form 1

Frankly, I'm not sure whether I regret this or not. I mean if I joined the English Debating in Form 1, I would have more time to join more competitions and further polish my debating skills. But on the other hand, if I didn't join Chinese Debating in my first two years in CSK, I would probably just be an ordinary debater, not a master-de-bater. But I truly wish I could have more time on English Debating, especially when I just started to feel the vibe of debate. Definitely will join debating team in uni.

5. Regret to get into 4D/5D/6D

To my classmates, I love you guys, but the only thing that makes me regret is getting into class D is teachers. Teachers in class D are problematic, especially for some subjects, the teachers are terrible in teaching. I'm not doubting at their qualifications, but can you remember that you are an educator, not a writer, a scientist, a mathematician or whatever you want. Especially regret to have my (maybe class) teacher because I have never joined any Christmas parties since Form 3 as she didn't even want one. The only teachers that I like in class D for the most probably are chemistry and biology teachers.

So here are my top 5 regrets within my secondary school, I hope you find it useful when choosing your electives in Form 3 or just find it FUNNY.


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