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Top 5 Tips to Win A Debate

Most of you would probably know I'm a debater and a public speaker. I've been debating for almost 6 years now, both English and Cantonese Debating. So as an experienced debater, I'm going to give you five tips on how to win a debate.

1. You need a good teamwork

Debating isn't the same as public speaking, you must work with at least one stranger, sometimes or in most of the cases, you have to work with two to three people. Your partners ain't cheerleaders or VIP fans, they do battle with you in the game. Therefore, never ever see your debate as an individual competition. Putting your eyes fully focused on that Best Debater or Best whatever is a fatal mistake. Because as long as you don't take good care of your teammates or help them during the contest, you will lose anyway. So, for me, I always help my teammates during the competition as I need help from them as much as they do. DON'T EVER BE THAT SELFISH AND FOOLISH GUY! For me, I have snatched every single best debater and won every single competition with the best teammates I can ever dream of. Though I did lose three contest and I'll tell you why later.

2. FAKE Sincerity

When the motion is related to politics, economics, sciences or whatever, it's absolutely normal to have your own stance affecting your judgements in the competition because I do too. However, debating is an art which is about how you convince people with different thoughts and stances. If you can't even convince yourself to believe it, then how can you convince the others. Let's just say, Donald Trump, we all know he's a dick. But honestly, if I was assigned to defend for him, I must have convinced myself that Donald Trump is the n-i-c-e-s-t person in hell. And that's it. Fake sincerity is always the key to win for me because once you believe in what you are saying, you can win a competition pointlessly. JK.

3. Be Presentable

This part I'll focus on your appearance. Apart from the fundamental debating skills you need, being presentable also means that you need to put some effort on your hair, your uniform, you suit and on everything that people can see. For me, I always take a shower before every contest if possible. Sometimes, I will iron my school uniform making it looks tidy and clean. I always gel my hair. But most importantly, for gentlemen, SHAVE and SHAVE please, if your facial hair, your nasal hair or your ear hair is poking out and fussy, just CHOP them off, you don't need them in a debate. And for ladies, please we are not hoping to a replica of Monalisa in real, so next time, just put less makeup on your face, appreciated.

4. Don't let your emotions take control

We all feel fear and nervous on the stage. But over time, you will get used to it and you will know how to manage it. The key is not to be scared by stage fright itself. Stage fright is something that we have all gone through before, you are not alone. So if you're those type of person that will shake legs and butt on stage, just look at someone you feel comfortable or look at the walls or the projector. Never ever let your fear takes control because you will lose your confidence and forget the script once you start to panic.

5. Be prepared

This part is very simple, I'm sure everyone can do it. Write your script, proofread it, practice it, make your cards, sleep well and drink plenty of water. Most important, you have to memorise your script and practice every day so that you can become as presentative as me.

So here you have it, I hope these 5 tips are useful to you as a debater or somehow inspired you to step in the debate world. If you have bumped into troubles or faced a lot of failure on debating, just remember everyone has gone through the same path as you. Never ever give up on your passion. 


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