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Top 5 Songs That Make Me REALLY Happy

Stress, exhaustion, sickness, breaking-up, etc, can sometimes make you blue for days. Here are the top 5 songs that make me really happy every time when I listen to them.

DSE is coming. Now, there are only a few weeks left. I believe everyone should try to do your best in the exams but not try to burn yourself out before they come. Therefore, I'm telling you the top 5 must-hear songs that will ease your tension either in the brain or somewhere else.

1. Let it go (Idina Menzel - Frozen 1)

Everyone has listened to Let it go at some points. If you haven't heard of it, what the hell is wrong with you, JK. The music is very good, very passionate, very cheerful at the end. I strongly recommend you to watch the MV.

2. Show yourself (Panic! At the Disco - Frozen 2)

Elsa was such an amazing character. She could sing, she could dance, she could chill your beer. This almost like ending song of Frozen 2 is epic. This version sang by Panic! AT the Disco definitely stepped up the game and made it sounded more powerful. The lyrics are very meaningful and inspiring. So, if you feel confused or lost, why not just make yourself fallen into Arendelle (Elsa's Kingdom).

3. Try Everything (Shakira - Zootopia)

Zootopia is one of my favourite Disney movies. It talked about how a rabbit worked as a cop in an animal city. Everyone knows Shakira is always like a cheerleader. She sang WakaWaka for World Cup. This time, Try Everything is even better than that.

4. I lived (One Republic)

This is truly inspirational. The lyrics are strong and irreplaceable. You will know what I mean when you listen to it.

I owned every second that this world could give.

5. White Winter Hymnal (Pentatonix)

You must watch the MV. It is so cool and epic. The lyrics itself is like a story and Pentatonix just made it sounded like they were telling a story. Anyway, this can calm you down when you're panicking.


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