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Top 5 Rabbit Snacks

Hunter, my rabbit, has a well-designed diet which consists of a lot of grass hay, fresh veggies, supplements and treats. For most of the pets and their owners, treats are an essential part of their lives. Therefore, in this blog, I'm going to show you top 5 rabbit snacks that I've discovered when I'm taking care of Hunter.

1. Oxbow Simple Rewards (Baked Treats)

Hunter loves having baked treats, it's like the rabbit cookie for him. These baked treats come with lots and lots of flavours, such as apple and banana, carrots, bell pepper and mixed herbs. Frankly, no matter what flavour you choose, they all smell the same. And Hunter loves every single of one them. How do I know? Because whenever I shake the cookie bag, he will shake his head and do a binky.

2. Oxbow Natural Science Multi-Vitamin

This is a rabbit supplement. If you decide to add this to your rabbit's diet, consult your vets first. This supplement supports overall health in small animals providing them with the nutrients they need. In my experience, after I introduced this nutritious cookie to Hunter, n his poo-poo becomes bigger and his shedding problem also has improved. So, I definitely recommend giving this supplement to sick or old rabbits.

3. Marukan Papaya Jelly Sticks

Papaya Jelly sticks help to remove the clotted fur in Hunter's digestive tract as he cleans himself very often and ingest the hairs. This papaya jelly isn't smelly at all, so unlike Oxbow papaya pills or other papaya leaves, it is very easy to introduce this to your rabbits' diet.

4. Oxbow Alfalfa hay / Botanical hay

I believe every rabbit owner is very familiar with alfalfa hay. It is not a type of grass hay, but it's bean sprouts. When giving alfalfa hay to your rabbits, you should always be careful on proportion and frequency because over-consumption in elder rabbits can lead to slugged urine or kidney stones. For me, I usually give Hunter a handfull of Alfalfa three times a week. On the other hand, botanical hay is just a mixture of herbs and flowers, it's safe to give your rabbit whatever amount you want or he/she wants.

5. Fresh Fruits

Hunter loves eating fresh fruits. He likes apple, banana, watermelon, grapes and berries. Most of the time, I will give him a quarter of a small apple or 5 to 6 grapes or berries. Giving fresh fruits and veggies are all about proportion as well. At the same time, always remember to introduce a new fruit or veggie slowly and step by step.

When introducing a new diet to a rabbit, please do it slowly over time.

So here you have top 5 rabbit snacks that I assure you every single one of them will make your rabbit live like a king or queen. But always remember, when you are trying to introduce a new diet to your rabbit, do it slowly and step by step. The safest way is to give him/her a little bit every day for a whole week and he/she will adapt to it very easily.


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