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Top 5 Facts about Larry Lau

I welcome you all again to my Larry Lau Experience. In this daily blog site, I will be talking about everything in my life as a semi-human being (alien-like). But before you step into my life, I would like to introduce myself to all of you by telling you the top 5 facts about me.

Hello! I'm Lau Yu Ka Larry, 劉宇嘉, everyone calls me LARRY.

1. I'm a Hong Kong Outstanding Student

This is pretty obvious. If you have followed me on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or just read your newspapers, you will know I snatched the 34th Hong Kong Outstanding Student Award. For me, winning this award is a validation for my work and achievements. It is definitely a milestone in my life. But I believe the best thing in this competition was to make friends with a bunch of people who are similar to you, or perhaps weaker maybe (JUST JOKING).

2. I'm an experienced debater

I joined the Chinese debating team when I was in Form 1 and invited to be English debater as well in Form 3. What makes me a successful debater, frankly, because I have strong debating fundamental skills that I've built up at the time I was in Chinese debating. Debating requires critical thinking skills and logic. So, if you can't even find your way home, then don't think about debating.

3. I speak Shanghainese

My grandparents / grand-grandparents were living in Shanghai for centuries. When I had a summer break in primary school, I would always visit them for one or two weeks. They spoke either Mandarin with a Shanghainese accent or Shanghainese itself. So, I learnt how to speak this dialect over time. Now, whenever I visit Mainland, in order to prevent frauds and thieves, I will lie to them and say I'm a Shanghai local.

4. I have egg (IgG) and dust mite (IgE) allergies

I always know that I have dust mite allergy because I always feel itchy no matter where I am and what I am touching onto. I change my bedsheets twice a week and use a steamer to kill all those micro-demons. I also take my daily medication (cetirizine HCl) so that I can live among humans. Egg allergy is totally a different story. Basically, it's some kind of intolerance and it's harmless. But I did get hay fever and rashes from egg tarts once but luckily I was hospitalised at the same time, so it didn't kill me. I have never had any egg tarts ever since though.

5. I'm ready to study in the UK

This is tough. There're so many things you have to consider. My parents always allow me to fully control my life. So, after listening to the advice from my friends and family, I've made my decision and I have no regrets or not allowed to regret. Studying in the UK isn't like buying a new iPhone, literally, to complete my LLB, I have to pay for over a million. I'm blessed to have my parents, my friends, my teachers, my rabbit and my family for supporting this decision.


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