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Top 5 Favourite Classical Music Pieces

Since I published the blog about the top 5 songs that make me happy, a lot of people have been giving me comments and suggestions. For example, one of you said the White Winter Hymnal lyrics were too creepy. Another one of you suggested the song 'every teardrop is a waterfall' to me. I really like these interactions, so please keep them coming as much as possible.

I had played the violin for almost 10 years. After I stepped into Form 3, I gave up this passion in order to focus on my study. However, my passion for classics musics has never faded since I quitted the violin. Here are my top 5 favourite classical music pieces + best performances attached!

1. Hungarian Dance No.1

2. Mozart Violin Concerto No. 3 in G major

I just like the first movement (Allegro) of it because it has a solo violin performance. Among all the versions, I like Hilary Hahn the best. Go to follow her Youtube Channel, She's an amazing violinist.

3. Paganini Caprice No.24

I think Paganini Caprice No.24 is the best Paganini. No. 5 is also a good one. However, that Bumble Bee, ahh, frankly is being ruined, cursed and destroyed by so-called fastest violinists.

4. Vivaldi Concerto in D Major RV 212 "St.Antonio"

Don't you think that violinist looks like Lady Gaga?

5. Vivaldi Four Season Summer Presto

I know Four Seasons is another piece which has been ruined by violinists. However, you have to admit that Summer Presto probably is the best part of it. It described the thunderstorm in Summer through the sound of a violin.


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