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Thank you so much for supporting the Larry Lau Experience. This week I have made a few big decisions to leverage this blog.

1. Welcome all the collaborators

I have to admit that writing a blog every day isn't an easy task to do. Not only that I have to make adjustments on the website designs, but I also have to keep things new and inspiring. Therefore, I recruited partners to collaborate with me on this blog. There will be more topics, more studying tips, travelling experiences, products reviews, etc. At the meantime, VLOG is scheduled to release soon. SO, STAY TUNED, EVERYONE!

2. The shop is opened

The shop is opened, yea! New products will be uploaded to the shop every day, we sell everything from beauty products to groceries. We welcome all suggestions on what should we sell, what you to buy, etc. Discount and Promo code will be released every month to keep your wallet safe, it could be the beginning of the month or the end of it. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES!

3. Chinese Blog has arrived

Thanks to my outstanding partners, the Chinese blog is finally here. You can now check out every translated version of all the blogs. But be patient, translations take time. AGAIN, STAY TUNED!

Thank you so much again for supporting this blog, you can now use WelcomeGuys to get a 10% off on all products. Also, follow our new IG page for more product info and best prices.


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