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7 Inches long Eel Fillet And Egg Don in Kwun Tong

Walking into a normal industrial building in Kwun Tong, I hardly could imagine that it is home to one of the best Eel and Egg Don in Hong Kong. Today, I and Rachel had the best dining experience in Kwun Tong's industrial buildings. Meet Bobby Restaurant.

Bobby restaurant is a fusion restaurant which means it doesn't focus on one kind of cuisine, it managed to combine everything together. But, of course, Eel and Egg Don is Japanese dishes.

The presentation was marvellous and well-signed, a perfectly grilled 7 inches long eel fillet sitting on top of scrambled egg which covers the rice underneath from head to toe. It's huge. It smelled wonderful. We both felt excited and hungry when they arrived at our table.

To focus on its taste, the sauces were perfectly made. It's not too sweet or salty. Unlike most of the overly sweeten eel sauces, this was very good. The seasoning on the egg wasn't very good, but eel sauces saved everything on the plate, just like a hero.

To shed the light on the main character, the eel fillet, it was thick and dense. It's not mushy at all. It's not like chewing gum, too. So when you put the eel and egg all together in your mouth, they just melt down into a silky texture. Everything worked together, the sauce, the eel, the egg, but, the rice was a bit undercooked and I wish they could use pearl rice next time.

Proceeding to the dessert, we had chocolate ice-creams. Unlike most of the other restaurants, they provided us with stretchy ice-cream, Booza which made in Japan. It was the first time I had Booza in Hong Kong and it did act as a perfect closure for this eel and egg don.

To the price, I think it's definitely worth it, $65 dollars for the don, the ice cream and a cup of tea, during tea time.

Address: Bobby Restaurant, Room P, 5/F, Camel Paint Building Block3, 60 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


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