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I Saved Five People Today

There’s no substitution for the blood. Patients with chronic diseases or those in need of surgery because of illness or accident count entirely on the generosity of people who donate. Today is the third time I donated 450mL to those who need me.

Blood donations ain't scary and painful. When I donated my blood for the first time, my intention was to skip a 40-min long Physics lesson. However, the process was too fast which only took about 20 mins or so. The mission to skip Physics lesson failed. This story can be used to tell you that blood donation isn't time-consuming.

Also, blood donation wasn't painful at all. If you are a faint of heart or needle phobia, you will probably refuse to donate your blood. But, I can assure you that from my experience, the pain was nothing more than a flu vaccine shot. The nurses and staff are professionals, they literally practise this for over 1000 a month. So, you will be fine.

Plus, it is very convenient to donate it now. If you're a student, your school will most likely to organise a blood donation day in the campus around November or December. If you are blue collars, white-collars, normal civilians, then you can check to see if there are any donation centres nearby. I got my blood donated in APM today, so it didn't affect my schedule to shopping, dining and watching films.

Finally, I want to tell you why I signed up for blood, bone marrow and organs donations. Nowadays, degenerative and immune diseases are more likely to happen on people than in the past. People need your help and it's your choices to offer them help or not. Plus, blood and bone marrow donation won't kill you anyway and organs donation usually proceeds after you go to hell or heaven. So why bother to lent a helping hand?

They need your help. Please don't hesitate to give them a second chance when you decide whether they live or not.


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