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Knowing Myself Through Science

Ever since I was born, I'm always curious about what makes me an Asian, why I'm an Asian, why I love debating, etc. But there are so many different DNA analysing companies out there. so if you want to know who you are scientifically, here're a few tips on which product you should choose and why I chose CircleDNA.

DNA analysing businesses are thriving right now, literally when I asked the almighty Google where to get my DNA test done, Google showed me lots and lots of companies and products. I'll now show you my favourite two.

1. 23andMe (Ancestry only)

23andMe is a well-renowned DNA company in the US. You can find every single BuzzFeed DNA testing video is pretty much using 23andMe products. But 23andMe is only limited to ancestry analysis and its database doesn't have much information on Chinese minorities which fails to tell you which area your ancestors were born in China hundreds of years ago. So, if you are a caucasian, then 23andMe is very suitable for you to know your family tree as it provides you with detailed info on what you are and are you normal. But if you are 100% Chinese or believe to be 100% Chinese, then this is not a product you want.

2. CircleDNA

CircleDNA, on the other hand, gives you something more than an ordinary ancestry test. It analyses your life quality, such as your diet, stress and sleeping, sports, etc. It also helps you to find out possible long-term illnesses or allergies that you don't even know. More importantly, its database is more adapted to Chinese and Hongkongers which is able to tell you more about your ancestry than a simple word 'Chinese'. However, it is more expensive than 23andMe, currently, its simplest kit is $1400, and a discount is available upon request. So if you want to get your DNA test, just come and ask me.

At last, I chose CircleDNA Vital.

CircleDNA Vital is designed for those who seek the best diet, lifestyle, optimal wellness and satisfaction to know your ancestry. It is around $1400 and it's more expensive than 23andMe heritage test. CircleDNA provides four different DNA testing plans, including my Vital, Health, Family Planning and Premium. But since I'm just 18 years old not at risk of degenerative diseases, plus a budget limited and I've checked my IgG and IgE, I decided to get the cheapest plan to satisfy my ancestry curiosity.

How does it collect DNA?

After I paid my Vital online through CircleDNA, I waited for around 5 days. The DNA Collection Kit was directly delivered to dorr by SF Express.

The kit was well packed and there was a bracelet for you as a gift. The collection process was very very simple. It is non-invasive and easy-to-use. All I had to do were open my and use a specially designed cotton swab to scrape around the internal lining of my mouth cavity.

The kit came with a cotton swab and a test tube containing specialised fluid to keep your cells alive I guess. The hairy cotton swab acted like a toothbrush collecting those cheek cells. Don't worry it won't hurt you! But remember don't eat or drink before the collection and also avoid smoking and drinking.

Afterwards, I j put the swab into the tube, broke the extra part of the swab and sealed it back into the box. Then, I called the SF Express to pick it up and send to the lab. The sample should be sent to the lab as soon as possible and shouldn't be put in extreme environments, such as where the magic happens.

This test is very easy-to-use. It also doesn't require a large quantity of saliva as 23andMe will do. The free delivery for return makes the whole collection process becomes very convenient for everyone. Plus, not only Hongkongers can enjoy this benefit, people around the globe can also have free door-to-dorr delivery service.

Now, I'm going to wait for 18 days and I will definitely tell you guys about my results. At the meantime, if you want to check your DNA, don't hesitate to contact me for more information and discounts.



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