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Best Bangkok Shrimp BBQ Buffet

When you are visiting Bangkok Thailand, you have to visit its night markets. Night markets are the jewels of the city, not only can you buy whatever you want, they also allow you to eat whatever you like.

In the city centre of Bangkok lays this amazing night markets, Thammarot Pinit Pratu Nam Market and Pratunam Market. In here, I highly recommend this Shrimp BBQ Buffet. All the shrimps are kept alive until the moment you grilled them on hot charcoal. The shop also homemade a secret Thai Green Chilli sauce which leverage the tastes and textures of the fresh shrimp meat. You have to try it, it's sweet, sour and spicy.

A long water tank keeps all shrimps alive and allows you to FISH your own shrimps. You can sit right next to this 'mini river' and eat as many as you want. The restaurant also provides various kinds of seafood and veggies, like carbs, lobsters.

The night market is located in the city centre. Right after you finish your meal, you can visit the nearby shopping centres, such as centralwOrld.

This was a very unique dining experience of mine and I wish all of you who are planning to visit Bangkok to try this amazing BBQ buffet.


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